Fruit for the Homeless

It’s starting to get cold outside and QCumber Clothing are doing their bit to make sure the people on the street are keeping warm this Winter.

Having drawn inspiration from the suspended coffee movement, QCumber are pledging to give one jumper and five pieces of fruit to the homeless for every single jumper purchased on their website ( between the 3th and 13th November 2013.

Over 6,000 people are sleeping rough in London alone and QCumber want to help the homeless stay warm and healthy. One of the major threats of homelessness is illness and disease. In the UK you are 50x more likely to catch a life threatening illness if you are homeless. We believe we can help a little by handing out bananas, apples and oranges and jumpers!

On 16th and 17th November we will hit be hitting the streets to dish out the goods ourselves.

Q-C you later nasty diseases.


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